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The Crews

The BBMF team consists of a full-time staff of the Officer Commanding (a Squadron Leader pilot), 30 engineering tradesmen headed by the Flight's Senior Engineering Officer (a squadron leader) and HQ staff consisting of a Flight Operations Officer, Flight Operations Assistant, a Chief of Staff, Public Relations and administrative support.

These full-time staff members are augmented by the Flight’s volunteer aircrew, all of whom have primary duties in the RAF and who fly the BBMF aircraft mainly in their own time – a considerable commitment.

The fighter aircraft types (Spitfire and Hurricane) are flown by modern RAF Fighter Pilots, whilst the Dakota and Lancaster are flown by RAF pilots with a background on heavy, multi-engine aircraft.

The Flight’s volunteer Navigators, Flight Engineers and Air Loadmasters are all essential to the safe and efficient operation of the Lancaster and Dakota.

The BBMF Engineering team, led by the Senior Engineering Officer and his management team (a Warrant Officer, a Flight Sergeant, three Chief Technicians and three Sergeants) are responsible for the maintenance, to fully airworthy condition, of the Flight’s twelve historic aircraft. The engineers who make up this relatively small team have all volunteered for duties with the Flight and serve a nominal three to five years tour of duty.

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Fighter Pilots


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Bomber Pilots

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Flight Engineers

Flight Engineers

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The Air Loadmasters

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