The Navigators

Squadron Leader Tony Beresford

Sqn Ldr Tony Beresford

Tony joined the RAF directly from school in 1987. Following navigator training, he was posted to the Tornado F3 where he completed tours with 43 Sqn, 56 Sqn, 21 Gruppo and 25 Sqn, which included flying sorties during Gulf War 1, Op SOUTHERN WATCH and in the Falklands.

In 2001, he was posted to the Navigator Training Unit (NTU) on 100 Sqn as a fast jet navigator instructor. During this tour, he was promoted to Sqn Ldr and took over command of the NTU.

In 2005, Tony was posted to NATO's deployable Combined Air Operations Centre at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Following this ground tour, he returned to the UK as OC Maritime and Fast Jet Training for weapons systems officers on the Dominie aircraft based at RAF Cranwell. He spent 4 years as OC Rear Crew Examiners at the Central Flying School prior to being posted to the Air Warfare School as OC Electronic Warfare. This is his seventh season with the Flight.

Flight Lieutenant Dan Eaton

Flt Lt Dan Eaton

Dan joined the RAF as a direct entrant in 1990. Following Navigator Training he was posted to Support Helicopters where he operated the Wessex HC2 with 60 Sqn and latterly the Puma HC1 with 230 Sqn. In 1998 he re-roled to operate the Nimrod MR2 with 206 Sqn before moving to 55(R) Sqn in Jan 2003, becoming an instructor for basic systems navigation as well as advanced maritime navigation.

Following successful completion of the GD Aerosystems Course, Dan moved to MOD Boscombe Down in Jul 2007 where he worked on both the Nimrod MRA4 and Watchkeeper UAV projects. Assimilated onto the PA Spine, he returned to flying in Nov 2009 with 101 Sqn, operating the VC10. As well as serving in Northern Ireland, Dan has completed more than 100 operational sorties and has amassed over 4400 hours.

He is currently working as the Multi-Engine Navigator Examiner with the Central Flying School. This is his fourth season with the BBMF.

Wing Commander Mark McNulty

Wg Cdr Mark McNulty Mark joined the RAF in 1982 as an Air Electronics Operator and, on completion of training and a Nimrod MR2 conversion, joined 201 Sqn at RAF Kinloss. Commissioned in 1988, he completed Navigator training and was posted to the Tornado F3 at RAF Leeming on XI(F) Sqn. Following a deployment to Op DENY FLIGHT, he was posted to RAF Coningsby as OC Tornado F3 Simulator and subsequently as OC Ground Training Flt on 56 Sqn, the Tornado F3 OCU. Following refresher training in 1997, he returned to the front line to serve on 29(F) Sqn and remained there until the closure of the Sqn in 1998.

Following a 2 year tour as an Initial Officer Training Flight Commander, he completed the Aerosystems Course and was posted to 17 Sqn, the Typhoon Operational Evaluation Unit, as the Trials Management Officer. He was then posted to 55 Sqn as OC F Flt, responsible for the training of Fast Jet WSOs. With a posting to the Directorate of Air Plans and Resources on the Combat Air desk came promotion to Wing Commander.

On completion of this tour in MOD, he was posted to be Officer Commanding the Air Platform Protection Test & Evaluation Squadron within the Air Warfare Centre, responsible for the operational testing and trialling of all air counter-measures. An Out of Area as the Air Officer with the US Marine Corp, Camp Leatherneck, HQ RC(SW) in Afghanistan was followed by his current tour as Officer Commanding the Typhoon Mission Support Centre at RAF Coningsby.

Mark enjoys running, most sports and working on his family home. This will be his third season with the Flight.

Flight Lieutenant Neil Whitehead

Neil joined the RAF in 1998 after having been on Bristol University Air Squadron for 4 years whilst studying Aeronautical Engineering. He was awarded a navigator bursary half-way through his studies, and went on to complete navigator training once passed out from Initial Officer Training at RAFC Cranwell. He was posted to the Tornado F3 and completed tours on both 43(F) and 56(R) Sqns at RAF Leuchars, and saw operational service during Operations RESINATE (South) and TELIC, both over Iraq, plus deployments to the Falkland Islands, Canada, Iceland, Lithuania, Belgium and Gibraltar.

Neil left the F3 in 2007 to become part of the mission crew on board the E-3D Sentry aircraft, which delivers the RAF’s airborne command and control plus surveillance and battle management functions from RAF Waddington; this necessitated training to become a weapons controller at RAF Boulmer’s School of Fighter Control, as it was then, prior to joining the Sentry Component in 2009. He has spent time on 8, 23 and 54(R) Sqns in various mission crew specialisations, and has participated in Operations DEFERENCE, ELLAMY, LUMINOUS and SHADER, which involved operating in support of missions over Libya, Iraq and Syria. He has also deployed to exercise locations such as Alaska, India, the UAE and Malaysia. He presently operates in the mission crew commander role, which is known as the Tactical Director.

Neil holds a private pilot licence and competes for the RAF Flying Clubs’ Association’s Aerobatic Squad at national aerobatic competitions. He has also just recently completed post-graduate studies for a Master’s Degree entitled Air Power in the Modern World, funded through an RAF-awarded bursary scheme. This is Neil’s first season on the Flight.

Squadron Leader Colin Bostrom


Colin joined the RAF in 2006, and having completed flying training, he was streamed Tornado GR4 and posted to 31 Sqn ‘The Goldstars’. His first tour saw him deploy on several North American and European Exercises including RED FLAG and graduate the Tactical Leadership Programme. During this tour he became an Electronic Warfare Instructor and deployed with the Sqn on Op HERRICK flying missions over Afghanistan.

In 2012, Colin was selected for the Qualified Weapons Instructor Course. After graduating, he returned to the Goldstars. This saw him lead the first humanitarian missions into Iraq in 2014, receiving an Air Component Commanders commendation for his efforts. He went on to complete the final Tornado Op HERRICK tour and return the aircraft to the UK. He deployed on another 4 Operations in support of Op SHADER, flying over 150 operational missions resulting in him being awarded The Grand Masters Medal from the Guild of Air Pilots in 2016.

Following his QWI tour with the Goldstars, Colin was promoted to Sqn Ldr and posted to 41 Test and Evaluation Squadron. This has seen him take on the role as the Tornado Flight Commander and deploy with the Sqn on Exercise, developing a wide range of capabilities. 2017 is his first season with the flight.

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