804 Squadron

804 Squadron details
Aircraft: Gladiator Mk.II; Buffalo Mk.1; Martlet
Motto: Swift to kill
Crest: On a blue field, a tiger's face proper holding in the mouth a dagger fessewise also proper pommel and hilt gold.


No 804 Squadron formed as a shore-based fighter squadron on 30 November 1939, from a nucleus of four Sea Gladiators of No 769 Squadron which had been detached to Hatston five days earlier to counter enemy air activity over Scapa. In April 1940 the squadron embarked in HMS Glorious to provide fighter patrols whilst the ship was ferrying the Gladiators of No 269 Squadron, RAF to Norway. From the following month various detachments embarked in HMS Furious until re-equipping with twelve Martlet Is in October 1940.

A Grumman Martlet Mk I in 804 Squadron markings
A Grumman Martlet Mk I in 804 Squadron markings


Hatston 23 May 1940

HMS Furious (Dt6) 5-8 September 1940

HMS Furious (Dt3) 20-23 September 1940

HMS Furious (Dt4) 11-19 October 1940

Skeabrae 10 October 1940

Hatston 19 October 1940

Skeabrae 28 October 1940

804 Squadron crest