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As you surf through this web site the stories of individual Chaplains and their life and work will be revealed. This is the story of God’s love in action, and as one airman said to his chaplain,

 "You are here to remind us that there is something better and bigger than us out there – that God loves us".






A Welcome to the Branch Website from the Venerable Jonathan Chaffey QHC, Chaplain-in-Chief (RAF)

Are you called to minister here?

Can you serve here

If you are a student, ordinand or minister from a recognised church come and spend a day with us.

A day in the life of...

Intro IB KAF 122x85

Explore the differences and similarities of RAF Chaplaincy to civilian ministry.

From Parish to Posting

SDSR Information

Learn about how some of our chaplains made the transition from civilian "parish" to RAF "posting".


  • RAF Chaplains make personal sacrifices as they serve in hostile regions of the world.

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  • RAF Chaplains contribute to the moral understanding of military action.

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  • RAF Chaplains provide care to the community with whom they live.

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  • RAF Chaplains lead worship from the formal to modern fresh expressions

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