This page answers some of the most common questions we are asked but If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

My relative was a chaplain in the RAF. Do you have his service record?

You can contact the Veterans agency for information relating to service records. Unfortunately we do not have a comprehensive list of all RAF chaplains who have served in the past 90 years. Our records for the 2WW period are fragmentary, but we might be able to give you some information. We also have a quantity of photos so we may be able to supply a little detail for you. Use the contact us facility for further information.

I’d like to trace a chaplain I knew when I served in the RAF. Can you help?

Once a chaplain has left regular service our records are not necessarily kept up to date. All Anglican clergy tend to be listed in Crockford Clerical Directory, which is available in book form or online. Roman Catholic clergy are listed by Diocesan directory. Chaplains who served in the CSFC part of the branch are likely to be listed in the year book for their particular denominational group. If the chaplain you are seeking to trace served during 2WW it is possible we hold some information on their service during that period. (See above).

I was baptised (christened) at an RAF station and now I need a copy of the certificate. Can you tell me where to get hold of one?

Current RAF stations may still hold the baptismal records you are looking for; in this case the station Chaplaincy can be contacted directly. Completed baptismal registers and the registers of now closed RAF stations have been sent to the National Archive and will soon be available on their website at:

National Archive

Until those records are fully published if you have an urgent enquiry please use the form at the bottom of the 'contact us' page.

I was married in an RAF station church, and I need a copy of the marriage certificate. Can you help?

All marriage registers are returned to the relevant Register Office once complete. Unless your marriage was very recent, you are best served making contact with the Register Office in the district in which your marriage was registered.

We’re having a special commemorative service. Can you recommend appropriate prayers or hymns with an RAF theme?

There are several useful prayers and hymns on this website under ‘ Liturgical Resources’. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, do use the contact us facility and we will try our best to help.

When is Battle of Britain Sunday?

Battle of Britain Sunday traditionally falls on the Sunday after Battle of Britain day (15 September). This can mean that it falls almost a week after the day itself.

Are there chaplains of faiths other than Christian in the RAF?

Civilian Chaplains to the Military were appointed in 2005 to provide pastoral support to those service personnel of the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh faiths.

I’m interested in becoming a chaplain but my church isn’t on the MOD ‘Sending Churches’ list. Is there anyway I can change this?

Currently the list of ‘Sending Churches’ is as follows: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, United Reformed, Congregationalist, Church of Scotland, Assemblies of God, Elim Pentecostal and Salvation Army. If another church wishes to become authorised as a Sending Church it must follow an application process. Individuals cannot apply on behalf of their church. For further information, please use the ‘contact us’ facility and we will give you assistance.

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