Day in the life of an RAF Chaplain

One of the challenges and exciting facets of RAF chaplaincy is the varied form our ministry takes. RAF chaplains are posted to different units, known as “tours” either as part of a team on a large unit or on your own on a smaller unit. They usually last from two to four years and encompass chaplaincy on operational units, teaching units and hospitals. No two tours are ever alike so you are constantly learning new things whilst building on your past experience.

We are also "detached" from our main unit overseas to the Falkland Islands and Afghanistan. You can view a YouTube clip here, filmed during one chaplain's detachment to Kandahar Airfield. Detachments last between three and six months and at the moment an RAF chaplain can expect to be detached once every 24 to 36 months.

If you are promoted (having at least 10 years experience in the Branch) you will lead a team of up to four chaplains on one of our larger units.

Follow the links below to read some reflections on the ministry of RAF chaplaincy written by serving RAF chaplains.

Chaplaincy to Training Stations

RAF College

RAF Chaplains work closely with staff and recruits at every stage of their training.

Chaplaincy on Operations


RAF Chaplains make personal sacrifices as they serve in hostile regions of the world.

Chaplaincy to the Diaspora


How does chaplaincy work when the "parish" extends across much of Western Europe?

Worship in RAF Chaplaincy

Intro IB KAF 122x85

Leading worship in the RAF community can be both challenging and liberating.

Main Operating Base Chaplaincy

Chinook Intro

Chaplaincy on our busiest helicopter station.

Are you called to minister here?

Can you serve here

If you are a student, ordinand or minister from a recognised church why not spend a day with us.

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