Teaching at RAFC Cranwell RAF Chaplains play an important role assisting the RAF to explore the moral dimension of military action. Located as we are at the heart of world events we recognise the complexities of the world and aim to play a part in enabling those we serve explore these complexities from a moral and spiritual understanding.

This is achieved through a formal syllabus called the “Beliefs and Values Programme” which is taught by chaplains to all new recruits at RAFC Cranwell and RAF Halton. After recruits graduation / passing-out parades these lessons are continued during their specialist training at other units.

Officer Cadets also receive a course taught by chaplaincy called “Care in Leadership.” This course teaches active listening skills and explores some of the personal problems people under their command may encounter. Through the use of professional actors, they practice ways of helping those under their command.

Chaplains also play an on-going role in the training of serving personnel through the continuous training and development programmes all RAF personnel receive throughout their military careers and through the specialist courses on offer at the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre.

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