Communion on the flight line during Gulf War 2 Royal Air Force chaplaincy presents a life and ministry which demands much of you and your ministerial skills as pastor, worship leader, educator and military professional, whilst rewarding you and your family with a high quality of life, experience and opportunity.

Today's RAF is an expeditionary force, capable of projecting air power worldwide. RAF chaplains are part of a long and noble tradition of Christian ministers and priests in the military going back hundreds of years and our job is to look after the people serving in these differing places. To view a brief YouTube clip filmed during an operational detachment, click here.

This is a rewarding ministry but one which demands much and expects sacrifices to be made.

If you are an ordained minister from an MOD eligible church and feel you have something to offer to us and that we have something to offer you, why not investigate whether you to are called to this rewarding and sacrificial area of Christian ministry

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