World Faiths

World Faiths

RAF Commissioned Chaplains are drawn from the major Christian denominations but provide appropriate pastoral and spiritual care for all personnel and their dependants irrespective of religious belief or status.

According to statistics published in July 2005 most service men and women share a Christian faith (183,000). In addition 220 are Buddhists, 56 Jewish, 230 Hindus, 305 Muslims and 90 Sikhs. In 2005 the MOD recruited four chaplains from these major world religions to help enhance our spiritual care to all personnel.

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is not new to the Services, the first Jewish chaplain being appointed as long ago as 1892. However, apart from periods during the World Wars, Jewish chaplains have always occupied lay positions, mainly because the numbers of adherents to Judaism have been small.

World Faith Chaplains

Civilian Chaplains to the Military

Mrs Mandeep Kaur (Sikh)
Mr Krisham Attri (Hindu)
Imam Asim Hafiz ( Muslim)
Dr Sunil Kariyakarawana (Buddhist)

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