TV Licence

Television Licensing Requirements For Service Provided Accommodation - Including Visiting Forces

Visiting Forces

Armed forces from other countries who are stationed in this country have the same general television licensing responsibilities as HM Forces (see below for exceptions applying to US Visiting Forces).

Circumstances where a Television Licence is not Required

A television licence is not required in the following circumstances:

  • Where television equipment is provided by the Service Authorities for official purposes (ie in offices). It must be noted that this provision will not apply to television sets installed and operated within Service Families Accommodation (SFA), Single Living Accommodation (SLA) or Officers' and Sergeants Messes. Such equipment will attract the payment of independent licence fees; this being irrespective of whosoever supplies the apparatus.
  • American Base television services (AFN), which is only received on American television equipment.
  • Foreign ships that are visiting this country.

Circumstances Where One Television Licence, Issued to the Officer Commanding, is Required

Only one television licence is required where television equipment is used for recreational purposes by Service men and women in all buildings or areas in common use within the one boundary of the camp or barracks (ie in the Guardroom for the use of personnel on guard duties). A licence purchased in these circumstances will not provide licence cover for the use of televisions in any Service residential accommodation (including Messes) on the camp or barracks.

Separate Licences

Separate licences will be required as follows:

  • For television equipment used in Single Living Accommodation (SLA). One licence will be required for each room regardless of the number of personnel occupying the room.
  • Television equipment used in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) or other private accommodation within the camp or barracks. This includes accommodation on site occupied by the commanding officer and accommodation within messes.
  • Television equipment used at a main home address outside of the barracks or camp whether it is private or SLA.
  • Television equipment used in parts of the camp or barracks occupied by other authorities or organisations that are not part of the Service Authorities.

Television equipment used in any club or mess within the camp or barracks.

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TV Licensing Guidance for MoD Bases

Buy a Licence or expect a visit from one of our officers.

Who needs a TV Licence?

Ministry of Defence bases are not exempt from TV Licensing laws. So if you live on any base (within the United Kingdom) and watch TV, or use any other television receiving equipment to receive or record television programme services, you need to be covered by a TV licence.

Our enforcement Officers pay regular visits to MoD bases, especially to those where our records show an absence of valid licences.

One TV Licence is required for each dormitory or bunkroom.

If you have your own private accommodation on the base and are using TV receiving equipment there, you also need a TV Licence. This applies even if you live on base temporarily and have your own licence for another address.

Any personnel using television receiving equipment without a valid TV Licence could face prosecution, a court appearance and a fine of up to £1,000.00.

How much does a licence cost?

A colour TV Licence currently costs £145.50 and a black and white licence costs £49.00.

How to Pay!

There are many ways to pay for your TV Licence - just choose the one that suits you best:

By Direct Debit:

  • Monthly: Spread your colour licence payments by paying monthly.
  • If you don't already have a licence, you will pay for your first one in five equal monthly payments. You will then pay for your next licence in twelve smaller payments - six before your old one expires and six after. These payments add up to exactly the same amount as your licence fee.
  • Quarterly: Spread the cost of your colour licence by making payments every three months. Your four payments include a small premium of £1.25 each quarter.
  • Yearly: They collect the full fee from your bank on the date it is due every year.

Further details at:

At their Website:

You can pay online at their website (just have your debit or credit card available):

At any Post Office branch:

You can pay by cash or cheque at any Post Office branch. You can also save for your next licence using TV Licensing Saving Stamps.

By Post:

Send a cheque for the full licence fee made payable to 'TV Licensing', giving them your name and address:


TV Licensing
Bristol, BS98 1TL


The Ministry of Defence fully supports their efforts to administer these licensing laws.

TV Licence - Change of Address

When you move, your TV Licence needs to move with you. Our special home movers service makes it extremely easy to register your licence at your new address.
Either telephone number below or visit the website to change the address.