Directorate Children and Young People

Under the leadership of Mike Cooper, The Directorate Children & Young People (DCYP) is the focal point within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for issues relating to children who belong to the Armed Forces community on a tri-Service basis, worldwide.

Within DCYP sit Service Children’s Education (SCE) which provides education for Service children overseas, and the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) which provides advice, information, advice and support about all aspects of Service children’s education, including MOD related allowances and Special Educational Needs.

The drawdown form Germany will result in around 5,000 Service children returning to the UK over the next 5- 6 years.
To oversee and manage this work, DCYP has formed up an Education Change Programme Project Team who will work with UK education providers, local authorities and devolved and central governments to ensure that local provision fully meets the demands of Service families returning to the UK, and that the needs of those Service children can be accommodated.

Meanwhile, the current 700 strong teacher workforce within SCE will reduce by around two thirds and the number of schools will be reduced to 12. Maintenance of the level of educational standards throughout remaining SCE schools is also part of the role of the Education Change Programme Project Team, which aims to identify and assist with the retention of key teaching SCE staff, whilst supporting surplus staff to secure other vacant SCE posts elsewhere.

The management of the remaining 12 SCE schools overseas schools and the shift of the centre of gravity to Cyprus is also incorporated within the project. The introduction of the New Employment Model (NEM) is expected to provide greater domestic stability and presents an opportunity to achieve greater continuity of education for Service children.

DCYP will aim to regularly inform and advise the Armed Forces community about the progress of the Education Change Programme.

Contact Details

DCYP: 01264 381581 | email:;

For information and advice about Service children’s education worldwide contact CEAS: 01980 618244 | email:; visit

For information about Service children’s education overseas contact SCE: 01980 618731 | Email:; visit: