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Service Leavers' Pack

The Service Leavers' pack has been produced to give help and advice on a range of topics as you plan for the transition to civilian life. Your local resettlement office can give additional support and guidance should you need it, and there is a wealth of information available on the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) website (see below). This pack is also available for download from the Internet here.

Career Transition Partnership

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is the name given to a partnering agreement between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Right Management, who are global career development and outplacement specialists. The MoD contract them to provide eligible Service leavers with career transition services as part of their resettlement process. The MoD recognises that making the transition from the Armed Forces into civilian life can be daunting. Some Service leavers will have joined the Forces straight from school and will never have applied for employment anywhere else.

The CTP was established in October 1998 and now employ around 120 civilian staff, including consultants, trainers and administrators. They have nine Regional Resettlement Centres (RRCs) in the UK, and one in Germany. Their headquarters is in London and the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC) is in Aldershot. All their offices are linked to a central database of Service leavers, employers and jobs.

The CTP delivers free resettlement services to all ranks of the British Armed Forces, and make the transition from military to civilian life as smooth and successful as possible. They teach you the skills you need to produce a CV, learn interview techniques, research the employment market and apply for jobs. These skills can be used throughout your lifetime, not just to gain your first job in civilian life. CTP provides this support from 2 years prior to the end of your Service and up to 2 years after termination.

Career Transition Partnership Website

Civvy Street Monthly Resettlement Guide

Civvy Street is your essential monthly guide to resettlement. Each issue is packed with ideas, information and contacts regarding civilian recruitment, franchising opportunities and starting your own business

Civvy Street Magazine Website

CivvyStreet Partnership

CivvyStreet is a website for serving and former members of the UK Armed Services and their dependants. It offers free information and advice about resettlement into civilian life, learning and work. The services on offer through the CivvyStreet site are able to the Service Community for Life. Armed Services and ex-Armed Services personnel can improve their skills and job opportunities with CivvyStreet's free online learning and work tools. CivvyStreet has a special focus on helping individuals who face one or more barriers to learning and work.

CivvyStreet Website

Regular Forces Employment Association

To assist ex-regular Servicemen and women to find employment throughout their working life. Job finding is provided by a nationwide network of 24 Employment Consultants (ECs) of the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA), and the Officers' Association (OA), with offices in London and Edinburgh. The RFEA and OA are both an integral part of the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and have extensive experience of helping Service leavers to find suitable employment.

Regular Forces Employment Association Website


The Questonline website is dedicated to providing essential information for UK Armed Services personnel with an interest in education, resettlement training and jobs.

The List

The List - the international business & job search directory for the Service & ex-Service community.

Step Stone

StepStone is a leading Career and Recruitment Portal With over 9 million visits and more than 70,000 job listings each month.

Pathfinder International

Pathfinder offers advice on Careers, Job hunting, Interview Techniques, Personal Development, CV writing, Working Abroad and much more.

Demob Job

Demob Job Ltd is an established ex-Forces Recruitment Agency. Although based in the North East they provide a nationwide recruitment service delivering highly trained and motivated employees throughout the majority of career sectors.

Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd.

A dedicated traditional and web based recruitment consultancy for ex military by ex military,

Recovery Placements

Recovery Placements are designed to provide Service personnel recovering from injury or illness with temporary work placements with industry partners, as part of a preparation for return to duty or to ease transition to civilian life in the event of a medical discharge.

Recovery Placement Opportunities (PDF, 787KB)


Remploy’s mission is to transform the lives of disabled people and those who experience complex barriers to work by providing sustainable employment opportunities; they understand the challenges that disabled veterans face when making the transition into mainstream careers following illness, injury or disability.

Through their partnerships with organisations linked to the Armed Forces, Remploy have developed a range of services aimed at the recruitment, retention and development of serving and ex-Service personnel.

Remploy Support for Service Personnel (PDF, 1.65MB)

Remploy Support for Veterans (PDF, 2.92MB)

Remploy Support for Disabled Veterans (PDF, 949KB)


The aim of this charity is to help serving and retired members of the Armed Forces of all ranks and status to manage the dramatic change in cultures that occurs when they return to civilian life, providing them with psychological tools and techniques which make them better able to identify and meet their needs and participate fully in society.Whilst the Services offer a good resettlement package which addresses the practical side of change, the psychological effects of loss, loneliness and a shift in cultures are not always recognised. Remount courses were devised to offer physical challenges and emotional support to ease that transition. Their aim is to help Armed Forces personnel take control of their lives and achieve their full potential.

Remount Website

Life Coach Directory

A life coach is an individual who supports and encourages people to fulfil their potential and really make the most of their life. A life coach can help to empower individuals to take control of their life, or certain areas of their life, for example, their career, confidence/self belief, finances, health, relationships, spirituality and/or work/life balance. Life Coach Directory only lists qualified/registered life coaches. Every member must send them copies of their qualifications and insurance cover or must be registered with a recognised professional body.

Life Coach Directory