A 'Critical Connection' exists between the families of Service personnel and retention, readiness and the operational effectiveness of the Royal Air Force. It is recognised that for Service personnel to be effective the RAF must provide the necessary community support structure for their families. The development of a strong sense of community and feeling of wellbeing amongst all Service personnel and their families will translate into better levels of readiness, effectiveness and retention.

Our families should know who to approach for help, who to call in an emergency and what they can expect from being a part of the wider Royal Air Force community. When you arrive on a unit, it is worth finding out (and keeping!) contact details for the following:

RAF HIVE Information Service - for local information and guides

CarillionAmey - for Service housing repairs

CarillionAmey - for Service housing allocation matters

Community Development Officer (CDO) - for local community issues

Station Community Support Officer (SCSO) - for local housing and accommodation issues

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) - for assistance with welfare issues