Pregnant Servicewomen

This information just sets out general provisions. Full details of the Armed Forces’ maternity policy, including advice on particular circumstances that may arise, are set out in DIN 2011DIN01-115 (published in April 2011) and JSP 760, which deals with leave and absence. Commanding Officers and line managers may use this information to provide initial advice to pregnant Servicewomen, and as a checklist, but should invariably refer them to personnel management staffs as soon as practicable. There are two very useful booklets below which give more in depth details, for both the Servicewoman and the line manager.

I'm pregnant - what do I need to do?

If you think you are pregnant you should arrange an appointment with your medical officer to have this confirmed. Once your pregnancy is confirmed you will be medically regraded to reflect this. The regrading is primarily for health and safety reasons to protect both you and your unborn child. It is particularly important to have your pregnancy confirmed if you are due to be deployed because, as soon as it is confirmed you are pregnant, you will be excused operational duty.

During your pregnancy, subject to medical advice, you will be excused weapon firing and some other duties, such as night duty. Unless you notify your Commanding Officer as soon as possible that you are pregnant, the Service will be unable to conduct a risk assessment of your work environment and you and your unborn child may be exposed to stressful or potentially harmful situations. You can also discuss with him or her what options are open to you, including maternity leave and pay, posting/reassignment issues, and, if you so choose, your right to leave the Service on the grounds of pregnancy before your notice period is due to end.

Full details of the above can be found in JSP 760 (which deals with leave and absence), relevant DINs and there is more in the two booklets below:

Pregnancy Guide for Servicewomen (PDF, 1.64MB)

Pregnancy Guide for Line Managers (PDF, 1.10MB)