RAF Families Federation

The RAF Families Federation was established in 2007 at the request of the RAF. The team comprises 6 full time and 2 part-time staff, most of whom have served in the RAF themselves or had/have close links to RAF family life. The Federation represents the views and concerns of RAF personnel and their families on the issues that affect them as part of a RAF family. The RAF FF operates entirely outside the RAF chain of command, so can always promise an independent and confidential service.

How Does The Federation Work?

By gathering evidence from the serving RAF and their families, the Federation is able to represent their views and concerns, backed up by meaningful casework, to those who can make a difference, such as senior RAF and MoD staffs and Ministers. Influencing change, where it is needed, for the better.

Who is Represented by the Federation?

The RAF FF represents anyone serving in the RAF together with their family members - spouses, partners, parents, children and siblings are all included. The Federation will represent the concerns of any family member whose life is directly affected by having a member of the family in the RAF.

How Does The Federation Communicate with Families?

The telephone lines are open from 10am to 3pm Mon-Fri. There is also the option to email or send in a contact message via the RAF FF website. The Federation’s website is updated almost daily and the Federation produces a quarterly magazine, Envoy, which is bulk-delivered to all RAF units and also sent to key influencers in Government and MoD. Envoy is also mailed directly to those families who request it. Copies are available to read on-line. The magazine and website carry useful, interesting and factual articles of interest to its audience. The Federation visits units on a regular basis and conducts interactive, IT-enabled evidence workshops on subjects of particular interest to RAF families. These workshops are open to both serving and non-serving family members and the results are reported in an Annual Report, distributed to all who have an interest in improving RAF family life.

What is the RAF Association’s Relationship with the Federation?

The Federation is not a charity, it is publicly funded via the RAF. However, in seeking to promote its independence and ensure that it had appropriate staff support, the RAF opted to place the contract for running the Federation with the RAF Association, ensuring that all costs are met by the RAF and that the charity is not required to supplement it in any way. The current contract expires in May 2019 but the Association has an option to bid for a 2-year extension. The Federation is therefore independent of both the RAF and the RAF Association and, within the framework of the contract, the only people who can direct its activities are the families it represents.

How can I find out more?

Visit the RAF FF website. Alternatively telephone a member of the RAF Families Federation team on: 01780 781650. Lines are open between 10am and 3pm, Mon to Fri. To email the federation, visit the website and click on 'To Contact the Federation Click Here'.

The team will ensure that family-related enquiries and issues are be dealt with accurately and to the best of their abilities.


13-15 St Georges Road

Register to Receive the Federation Magazine Envoy – It's Free!

The Federation produces its own quarterly magazine Envoy. It is informative, relevant, factual, useful, current, interesting and an all-round good read. It is written in non-RAF speak and is intended for both RAF serving personnel and family members. It is available free of charge on units or can be sent direct to home addresses, again at no charge. To register to receive Envoy, go to the Federation website home page and follow the link from the blue bar.