Spouse Employment Support Trial

What is it?

Tailored employment and employability support:

• Trials to run in Cyprus and across selected UK locations from October 2015.

• Career Transition Partnership (CTP) contract to be delivered by Right Management Ltd.

• Open to spouses of Regular service personnel and FTRS FC.

* The trial has limited places and in the UK will be available to RAF Personnel at selected units.

How does it work?

Eligible spouses will have an initial interview to develop a Spouse Development Plan. Depending on the needs of the individual this may include:

• A career consultancy and job finding service.

• Access to job readiness support such as CV writing, networking and interview skills.

• Self employment and business start up support.

• Career options advice.

• Career change advice.

As part of the programme, spouses will have access to a Skills and Knowledge Acquisition taxable training grant. No additional personal financial contribution is necessary unless the overall cost of the training option exceeds the maximum grant available.

Job finding support is available to assist spouses to achieve timely employment, including self-employment, reflecting the range of skills and abilities of Service spouses and enable them to realise their full potential.

Spouses cannot claim accommodation, travel or subsistence for this programme. Trials are planned to take place in 55AEC, JETS (Cyprus) and across selected UK units. Dates for the UK Trial are in the document at this link and further information can be sought from:

UK trials:

Local HIVE Information Officer – Contact Details (PDF, 68KB)

Cyprus Trial: 55AEC Employment Support Advisor

* Tel: (00 357) 2596 3091 / 3800

Places are subject to availability

Useful Publications:

Spouse Employment Trial UK Locations

Application Form Covering Letter

Policy Document - JSP 534 (PDF, 622KB)

Annex A - Process Chart (DOCX, 183KB)

Annex B - Application Form (DOCX, 180KB)

Application Checklist

Annex D - Complaint Form (DOCX, 98KB)

Annex E - Glossary (DOCX, 75KB)

SES Trial Training Grant Taxation Guide

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