Personal Insurance

The Service currently makes provision for those who suffer injury or illness (or the dependants of those who die as a result), but experience has shown that this support rarely meets all circumstances - for instance when an injury happens off-duty. It is therefore essential that all Service personnel be encouraged to seek adequate private insurance to cover unexpected eventualities.

The decision whether or not or not to take out personal accident and life insurance is entirely an individual matter. However, everyone should be well advised to carefully consider the need for such insurance, particularly when they have dependants to provide for. In addition, it should be made clear that there is a need to regularly review life and accident insurance cover and not wait until times of crisis or war, as this could result in personnel not being unable to obtain the cover they seek.

On taking the decision to purchase appropriate personal accident and life insurance, the onus is on the individual to identify and select cover that best suits their particular needs.

However, attention is drawn to the Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP) whose members are regulated insurance and independent financial investment advisers who specialise in providing insurance and investment advice to members of the armed forces. The MOD neither endorses nor sponsors SIIAP or any commercial insurance scheme, but does facilitate the use of the PAX product through payroll deduction. Further information on SIIAP and PAX, is available through the SIIAP website.

PAX Insurance

Pax Insurance provides cover which is created especially for the British Armed Forces.

Their range of insurance products has been created specifically for military personnel and their families and those connected with the British Armed Forces. It covers personnel living in the UK as well as those based overseas.

PAX policies apply to:

  • serving members of the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, reservists, MoD affiliated personnel and their families
  • British civilians employed by the Armed Forces, consultants and those employed under contract with the Armed Forces
  • retired and previous serving members of the Armed Forces living in the UK

PAX offers Kit & Home, Travel, Buildings, Accident & Life Insurance and you can pay by Direct Debit when required. Note that PAX Personal Accident cover is provided under contract to the Ministry of Defence and covers you on active duty. Details of premiums are below:

For further details please visit their website below:

PAX Insurance Website

Service Life Insurance

Service Life Insurance (SLI) is a life insurance scheme which aimed exclusively at Service personnel (both Regulars and Reserves).


It is the personal responsibility of each individual Service person to consider whether they wish to purchase life insurance to supplement death benefits provided by the MOD through the Armed Forces Pension and Compensation Schemes. The MOD is committed to ensuring that Service personnel are not disadvantaged in their ability to access appropriate privately-arranged insurance, due to the nature of their employment or the risks associated with conflict situations, and so have maintained the contract for Service Life Insurance (SLI) with the scheme Provider.

Introduced in May 2007, and now in its 6th year, SLI is a scheme exclusively available to all UK Service personnel (including Reservists) aged 18-60 regardless of military activity or likelihood of operational deployment. There is no loading for high risk trades.

SLI membership is optional and does not affect entitlements under the Armed Forces Pensions or Compensation Schemes.

Full Details

SLI is open to serving personnel and Reservists aged 18-45 for whom automatic acceptance is guaranteed and no medical is required.

For personnel aged between 45 and 60, SLI provides immediate accidental death, war and terrorism cover on receipt of their application. However, cover for full life and terminal illness cannot be guaranteed as each quotation will be individually underwritten.

SLI provides up to £200,000 lump sum benefit on death from accidental or natural causes. The individual Scheme applicant decides how much cover they require up to £200,000 and for how long (between 5 and 25 years).

The minimum policy term is 5 years extending to a maximum term of 25 years. Monthly premiums will not change for the term of the policy once an individual has taken out cover. Payment can currently be made by JPA payroll deduction or by Direct Debit (DD only for Reservists).

There are no war, terrorism or CBRN exclusions for personnel acting under the legitimate orders of, or on official deployment by, the British Armed Forces. Suicide in the first 12 months is excluded. Death or diagnosis of a terminal illness as a result of a pre-existing medical condition is excluded in the first 24 months only.

MOD’s contract with the providers of SLI is due to end in mid 2013 and the scheme will be replaced by a combined Life and Personal Accident product which meets the current and future requirement of the Armed Forces. SLI policies in place at this time will be honoured for the full policy term - which could be anything up to 25 years.

Service personnel will be given timely information on the new arrangements to allow an informed choice when the new scheme is introduced.

Applying for SLI

Service personnel can apply online via the SLI or by picking up SLI’s Take Cover leaflet from their unit admin office or local HIVE and completing the form at the back. Alternatively, application may be made through the Towergate Wilsons website or their local representative.

For full details, Service personnel wishing to apply for SLI may telephone Service Life Insurance on 0208 334 1557, visit, or e-mail any query to