Legal Aid/Legal Advice

Legal Aid - England & Wales

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) runs the legal aid scheme in England and Wales and helps people in need receive high quality legal advice, assistance and representation. The annual budget is set by the treasury and provides funding for legal aid to help people:

  • Protect their basic rights and get a fair hearing
  • Access the court process to sort out disputes
  • Solve problems that contribute to social exclusion

For further details, please visit their website below:

Legal Services Commission

Legal Aid - Scotland

The Scottish Legal Aid Board runs the Legal Aid system in Scotland. For full details please visit their website below:

Scottish Legal Aid Board

Northern Ireland Legal Aid

Legal Aid in Northern Ireland is run by the Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission. For full details please visit their website below:

Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission

Third Party Accident Scheme (ToPaS)

ToPaS is an official MoD scheme that can be used by all MoD personnel including Civil servants, MoD employees and some contractors when injured by a third party in the course of their duty. All types of accidents are covered including: road traffic accidents, slips, trips falls and assaults. The scheme will be on a conditional fee basis (commonly known as the "no-win, no-fee"). A conditional fee arrangement provides that the claimant's solicitors will pursue a legally sustainable claim against the other party and, if successful, claim their costs plus a success fee from that party, without affecting the amount of compensation paid to the individual and at no cost to the MoD Claims Department.
ToPaS History (PDF, 68KB)
ToPaS Article (PDF, 87KB)
ToPaS Questions
Clients Online

ToPaS Poster (PDF, 443KB)

Community Legal Advice

Community Legal Advice is paid for by Legal Aid and used to be known as Community Legal Service Direct.
They have been helping people deal with their problems since 2004 and in the last year alone, they helped nearly 300,000 people by giving them legal information and advice.
A national helpline provides advice on a range of issues including benefits, debt and education, and the website provides easy-to-understand information, a 'find a legal aid advisor or solicitor' search facility and an on-line calculator to check eligibility for legal aid.
They have also produced a series of leaflets covering a wide selection of issues - such as losing your home, divorce and separation, care proceedings and domestic violence.
National Helpline - 0845 345 4345

Civil Legal Advice Website

Finding a Solicitor

Find a Solicitor - England and Wales

You can log on the CLS website to search for the name of a solicitor or advice agency near you. You can also search for legal information and advice. To Find a Solicitor near you, just visit the site below and enter your postcode, or call the number below:
0845 345 4345

Find a Legal Adviser

Find a Solicitor - Scotland

To find Firms & Branches of solicitors in Scotland, the Law Society of Scotland's section have a search facility:

Law Society of Scotland - Find a Solicitor

Find a Solicitor - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission - Find a Solicitor