Current Pay Rates & Charges


The military salary (basic pay, not including X-factor) introduced in 1970, is paid to all Service personnel. The levels of pay and charges are set by the Government based on recommendations by the Armed Forces' Pay Review Body (AFPRB).

The basic principle is that the packages of Service pay and charges must be fair in relation to those applying to civilian occupations. Pay is maintained at levels broadly comparable with those received by civilians in similar occupations.


The level of military salary is enhanced by the 'X-Factor'. This is a percentage increase to the salary of regular Service personnel (and Reserve personnel depending on commitment level), intended to reflect the differences between conditions of service experienced by members of the Armed Forces over a full career and conditions in civilian life,which cannot be taken directly into account in assessing pay comparability.

The current (2017) rates of pay, accommodation and food charges are provided below:

2017 Officers and Other Ranks Pay Rates

2017 Professional Aviator's Spine (PAS) Rates

2017 Family and Single Accommodation Charges

2017 Daily Food Charge