RAF Dependants Fund

(Started 1967).Currently a subscription of 50p per month and in the event of death whilst serving in the Royal Air Force an immediate grant of up to £15,000 is paid to the nominated beneficiary within 48 hours of the Fund being notified by the Casualty Cell at Innsworth. Under current regulations this payment is tax free and does not form part of the estate of the deceased member of the RAF. RAF F7230 is required to start or stop subscription to this Fund. The method of transacting (start/cease) to pay record is a monthly spreadsheet to JPA Centurion via the Charities Trust – this is conducted on the last working day of each month for electronic transfer to JPA during the first week of the following month for deduction from pay. Name change or amendment to beneficiary detail is notified on RAF F7233. On pay statements this scheme appears as “Service Charity Monthly”. AP 3392 Vol 2 Leaflet 2405 refers.

RAF Dependants (Income) Trust (Started 1971).Subscribers to the RAF Dependants Fund are eligible to apply for units of the RAF Dependants (Income) Trust (Post 90 Scheme). Continued subscription to the RAF Dependants Fund is a prerequisite for membership of the Trust. RAF F7329 is required to start, add units, reduce units or withdraw from the scheme. The scheme is underwritten by AVIVA and, in the event of death in service, a grant of £10,000 is made for each unit held together with a monthly income (payable until the 55th anniversary of the date of birth of the member), which is based on the growth achieved since the units were purchased – the initial value of one unit is currently £1200 and costs £3.50 per month (under 20 = £2.30). F7329 is a 3 sheet form which provides a copy for AVIVA, JPA input and a certificate which is returned to the member. This input (Part 2 of 7329) is transacted to pay record direct via SPVA/JPAC in Glasgow. Name change or amendment to beneficiary detail is also notified on RAF F7233. On pay statements this scheme appears as “Dincome”. AP 3392 Vol 2 Leaflet 2406 refers.

Retirement from the Royal Air Force.

Those who leave the RAF before age 55 may take up a private Term Assurance policy with AVIVA, based on the commuted value of the benefits in respect of units held prior to retirement. Personnel should contact Manager RAF Subscriptions at least 2 months before the retirement date to be given the information required to get in touch with AVIVA for a premium quotation.

Contact details and address for correspondence and forms:

Station Welfare Facility (Bldg 539), RAF Brize Norton, Carterton, Oxon, OX18 3LX.

Manager of RAF Subscriptions: Stuart Turnbull ( Telephone 01993 896608 or GPTN 95461 Ext 6608.

Administrator: Sally Hayward, Telephone 01993 896608 (95461 6608)