08 Mar 2017

The Reserves Continuous Attitudes Survey 2017 (RESCAS17) is now open. Volunteer Reservists, your experience matters – share your view today.

Reservists have until Monday 27 March 2017 to complete this year’s survey.

What is RESCAS?

RESCAS is MOD’s annual survey which seeks your views on your experiences. The survey is used by the Service Chiefs and Chief of Defence People, Lt Gen Richard Nugee, to gain an insight into Volunteer Reservists’ opinions of service.

Why should Reservists complete it?

The results of the survey are used by the MOD to understand what Reservists feel about their experiences and to help shape the policies that support and enable Reserve Service, including the Future Reserve 2020 programmes.

By completing this survey, you are helping the MOD to understand how you feel about your Service and the areas where changes could be made to assist you. The more Reservists reply, the more complete a picture MOD has of your experience. This means that there is more evidence available to inform policy decisions that will affect you, including Terms and Conditions of Service and providing the right support and training. Recent changes to Reserves support include:

•The introduction of the “VR” post-nominal which can be used by Volunteer Reservists who have completed 10 years’ continuous service in the Reserves since 1999 to demonstrate both the contribution they have made and the skills they have acquired as a result of being a Reservist.
•Improved access to welfare services for the families of Reservists - the policy and guidance for welfare services has been revised to reflect the particular needs of Reservists and their families, and provide support equivalent to that provided for regulars. 
•The investment of £1.8 billion over ten years to improve access to kit and training, focusing on integrating the Reserves as part of the whole force concept. 

So, if you want to help shape your Service, complete the survey today.

How to complete RESCAS17

If you have been selected to participate in this year’s RESCAS you should already have received a paper copy of the survey and a link to the online version. - Please only complete one version. In order to access the online survey, you may need to enter a 'token.' This will be your service number, and is case sensitive. This is used as a security precaution to ensure that only intended personnel can access the survey.  Your responses will not be linked to you in any way. 

For further information, or if you have a related question, please contact:

Lucy King
01494 495476

Interested in how the Reserves can develop your career?

The Reserves play a crucial role in national security from countering security threats, peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts abroad to supporting communities at home.

The training, skills and experiences Reserves service offers can boost your performance in the workplace and enhance your leadership, team work, communication and decision making skills.

As recognition for the vital role Reservists’ play, a range of support measures have been put in place. In addition to attendance pay, civil servant Reservists are entitled to:

  • A paid leave entitlement in return for training
  • Access to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015
  • A tax free training ‘bounty’ payment  if the annual training commitment is met
  • Occupational health checks and improved medical support
  •  Improved access to welfare support
  • Accredited training and Standard Learning Credits which allow personnel to obtain financial assistance for learning costs.

For further information on Reserves service, or if you have a related question, please contact:

Olaf Dudley
020 780 78159




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