Safety in the home

22 Jul 2017

DIO has asked us to pass on the following messages for SFA residents. Mainly common-sense safety items, but there is an additional message about DAS.

Window safety

During the warmer weather, we all like to let fresh air into our homes, especially at night. Please take time to stop and think – do your windows open so wide that a small child could get through? Are there any objects or furniture nearby that could be used to climb up and reach the window ledge?

We have installed window restrictors for the safety of your family. For your own peace of mind, make sure that your window restrictors are connected and test that they work.

It is also a good idea to check the safety of any blind cords in your home. To reduce the risk posed by looped blind cords, please ensure these are tied back and kept out of reach of children to prevent strangulation injuries.

Test your smoke alarms

Keeping your smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide alarm where fitted, in good working order protects you and your family. By pressing the test button on your alarm you can check that the battery is still charged and reassure yourself that your alarm is ready and working. We recommend that you test your alarms once a week and replace any batteries that are no longer working.
Please do not tamper with your alarms unnecessarily. If you have any concerns about the smoke alarms in your home, please contact the CarillionAmey helpdesk on 0800 707 6000

Rope swing danger

It has been brought to our attention that rope swings have been appearing on trees around the SFA Estate. We don’t want to stop your children having fun but we do need to ensure the safety of our families at all times.
While we do carry out annual tree inspections to review the health and condition of trees, the inspection does not include an assessment to install a rope swing. Unfortunately tree branches do break and could result in serious injury.   We therefore advise that rope swings should be removed. The same advice applies if you install a rope swing in your own garden.
If you require any assistance with the removal of rope swings, please contact the CarillionAmey helpdesk on 0800 707 6000.

Defence Accommodation Stores (furniture)

In April, CarillionAmey took over responsibility for the provision of SFA Defence Accommodation Stores (DAS) to a number of SFA, previously supplied by Sodexo. As a reminder, please provide as much notice as possible when requesting the delivery or collection of DAS items to ensure the necessary arrangements can be made to meet your needs.