Top Tips for Removals

17 Apr 2015

Ahead of the summer assignment rush, some top tips from the removals team to help avoid delays or other issues:

Authorisation to Move at Public Expense.  Every month the Contractor receives around 100 applications requesting to move when there is no associated authority as laid down in the regulations (JSP 752 and/or JSP800).  These requests are then referred back to the originator often resulting in a delay of processing and, in most cases, submission to PACC for a decision.  Top Tip - If you are unsure as to your removals entitlement, please seek advice from Unit Admin Staff before making an application.
Transit and Storage Insurance.  This issue crops up all too frequently with Service Personnel failing to arrange sufficient insurance cover for their Personal Effects; note - an element of Disturbance Expenses provides a contribution to the cost of this insurance.  Top Tip - please make sure you arrange an adequate level of insurance to cover your your Personal Effects.  
Agility Offices – Urgent Renovation Work.  The office block that Agility occupies is scheduled for some major renovation work over the Summer period.  Most of the work will be in May and June with the ‘noisy work’ taking place after 1600 each day.. There might a small chance of some disruption after that 1600 time so, in order to continue to provide a comprehensive level of service, the office phone lines will open an hour earlier at 0800 so that Service Personnel can speak to a member of the Agility Team. Top Tip – if you need to speak to a member of the Agility Team you may wish to do so before 1600 during May and June; the phone lines will be open an hour earlier from 0800 to counter any potential disruption later in the day.

Germany Rebasing.  As you are probably aware the summer of 2015 will see the relocation of Service Personnel and their families from Germany; this first phase involves moving around 3500 Service personnel and their families in the June-September period.  The Contractor has committed additional resources to meet the requirement and there will be no disruption to ‘business as normal’ for those personnel not moving as part of the Rebasing Programme.  It should be noted, however, that for these moves the minimum 28 days notice must be provided to the Contractor; currently there is an alarming number of removal requests submitted with less than 28 days notice and while the contractor strives to meet these short notice requests the amount of business activity over the June-September may mean that these may not be satisfied.  Top Tip – Get your removal requests in good and early this summer!

Any questions on removals, talk to your Unit HR first.