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BFPO Locations

Overseas locations, ships and other locations are given BFPO numbers for sorting and transmission of mail.

The current list of BFPO numbers can be found at the link below:

BFPO Numbers

Postal Information

A bulky parcel, a letter, or perhaps a Special Delivery - whatever you're sending, you no longer have to look up the postal cost in a leaflet. Now you can do it all on-line with the Postal Rates Calculator or for more information visit the Postal tariff section.

You can also find out the postcode of an address through this site, find information about redirection and your nearest post office.

Royal Mail Website

Postal Rates

Postal rates can be found on the BFPO page on GOV.UK:

BFPO information

BFPO Bulletin Board

Leave messages here for all our Forces personnel wherever they are in the world:

BFPO Bulletin Board

E-BLUEY Users Guide

You are now able to send a message to Service personnel serving on military operations via the Internet using the Electronic-Bluey. This is an extremely rapid method of sending a message, cutting out the normal transmission by road, sea or air.

Your mail will be downloaded by the Forces Post Office in the theatre of operations the same day that it is sent and delivered to the recipient within 24hrs under normal circumstances. The Electronic Bluey service is now provided by Inc.

To use the service just follow these instructions:

First, if you are a new user you have to register with the service. To register, please Click on the "New Member" login below. You will then be redirected to the "New Member Log In" page where you will fill in the information necessary to create your E-Bluey account. You will only have to do this once because all your information will be stored securely on the web site. For future LogIn you may simply enter your Username and Password or by checking the "Remember Pasword" option you will automatically be logged injust by going to the E-bluey site.

The message is subsequently printed off and put into an envelope by the E-Bluey machine at the Forces Post Office. It is a totally secure and confidential service. If for military reasons the E-Bluey cannot be downloaded in the operational theatre it is downloaded in the BRITISH FORCES POST OFFICE facility in London and sent onwards in the morning mail.


The Forces Post Office then forwards the envelope to the recipients unit, where the envelope is delivered to the recipient.

E-Bluey Current Member Login

E-Bluey New Member Login

Sending unsolicited Parcels to BFPO Locations (ie - without the name of a specific recipient) (PDF, 113KB)