The aim of Decompression is to provide a friendly environment that allows you time to start 'winding down' after your operational tour and prior to rejoining friends and family in the UK. It provides time to talk through your memories with friends and colleagues who have shared similar experiences to your own. It also provides an opportunity to start thinking about the challenges and issues of re-entry into the UK and living in the home environment. Decompression currently takes place in Bloodhound Camp, Cyprus

A number of people can be quite resistant to attending Decompression, but some points worth noting:

  • It is an intergral part of Operation Herrick
  • You do not lose any leave by attending
  • Usually, on reflection, when back in the UK, most individuals see the advantage of attending.

Decompression usually takes between 24 and 36 hours and further details are available in the short video below.