Deployment Information

For RAF personnel to be properly effective in the demanding environment of worldwide operational deployments, it is essential that their wellbeing and that of their families is properly cared for. The RAF has a well-founded support organisation that provides the necessary community support services for personnel both in the UK and overseas.

From an individual's line manager, nominated Point of Contact, through to Unit HR, supported by SSAFA, deployed personnel have a range of individuals they can approach if they have any issues during their deployment.

Meanwhile, the aim of deployment welfare is to support the morale of Service personnel by making the fullest possible provision for their emotional and physical wellbeing. It is important that commanders understand the details of the Deployment Welfare Package (DWP), the underlying doctrine and current welfare policy so that they can keep their subordinates informed about what is provided and why. Also, we want families to be aware of what is provided when our Service personnel deploy. To that end, below is a link to the full Deployment Welfare Package, which is an extract from JSP770 (Tri-Service Operational and Non-Operational Welfare Policy).

Deployment Welfare Package

In addition, whilst Service personnel are deployed, additional provision is made for families left behind. As well as deployment pack-ups provided by unit HIVEs and HR departments, units have access to the Family Welfare Grant (FWG). The FWG provides additional funding for units to utilise as they see fit to support the families of deployed personnel. It currently stands at £4.40 per week the Service person is deployed and full details are provided in the link below:

Family Welfare Grant (FWG)