Children and School During Deployment

The following publications were created by Service Children's Education (SCE) for schools/parents; they focus on the issue of Operations and the impact on children. Schools that are interested in a pack-up should contact SCE.

Supporting Children, Young People & Families during Deployment (PDF, 58KB)
School Based Interventions (PDF, 212KB)
Personal Care During Deployment (PDF, 140KB)
A Practical Guide for Parents (PDF, 114KB)
The Child's Experience (PDF, 145KB)
Crisis Support for Schools (PDF, 157KB)
What can we do for our children when something distressing has happened? (PDF, 164KB)
Children and Bereavement (PDF, 233KB)
Hello from Home Booklet (PDF, 5.21MB)

Sesame Workshop

Sesame Workshop (the US non-profit organisation behind Sesame Street) has an excellent educational outreach initiative designed for military families and their young children to share. Their website has videos, downloads etc to help the (younger) child during their parent's deployment:

Sesame Workshop Website