Deployment Welfare Package (Overseas) - Entertainment

Audio Visual:

Where practical, one TV, one DVD player, 10 DVDs, one gaming machine and 2 video games will be issued for every 30 personnel. Thereafter either DVDs or video games will be issued on a planning ratio of one per 50 personnel (1:50) per month.

BFBS live TV broadcasting will be provided during the Initial Phase of an operation subject to: approved broadcasting rights; a practical and technically possible cost effective solution; where the operational and environmental situation allows. SSVC will provide either BFBS TV Channels 1 or 2 or both.

Gaming Stations that are capable of playing both DVDs and computer games can be supplied, in lieu of DVD players. Computer games may be supplied in lieu of DVDs at the same ratio.

One radio (capable of receiving the BBC World Service or BFBS transmissions) on a planning ratio of one for every 20 personnel deployed (1:20). Radios are to be provided during the Build-Up Phase of the operation. Speakers and amplifiers may be utilised for communal areas supporting large numbers of personnel.

For personnel deployed afloat the provision of equipment to receive TV and radio transmissions is dependent on the technical feasibility of installing such facilities on board. Wherever possible, TV and radio facilities should be provided comparable to those ashore.

BFBS Leaflet - Don't forget your laptop!


The following Internet facilities should be provided, at public expense, where the infrastructure and environment allow:

Access to Internet sites e.g. banking, travel agents, shopping and education.
Internet access terminals should be provided on a planning ratio of one terminal to 50 personnel (1:50). Remote sites housing more than 20 personnel should, where possible, have access to an Internet terminal.

Printed Matter and Games:

The provision of magazines, books and board games enables Service personnel to relax off duty. A selection of newspapers on a planning ratio of one newspaper per 10 personnel per day. A selection of magazines on a planning ratio of one magazine per 5 personnel per month. A selection of books on a planning ratio of one book per 4 personnel per month.

Combined Services Entertainment:

Live entertainment comprises Combined Services Entertainment (CSE) shows and personality visits ('grip and grins'). These have proved extremely popular with Service personnel and act as a de-stressor and morale booster and can aid in the relief from the operational tempo.

Operational Fitness Equipment:

The importance of regular physical exercise and recreation when deployed on operations cannot be overstated. Not only does this ensure that Service personnel maintain a level of combat/operational fitness, it will also enable them to retain fitness to help prepare them for their single-Service basic physical fitness tests and assessments. OFE also acts as an important de-stressor through the provision of equipment for recreational activities.

Personnel are to be provided with OFE packs at public expense. Fitness equipment packs are bespoke packages designed for the specific conditions of the deployment. Their content and size will be dependent on the following factors:

  • The size of the force.
  • The number of dispersed locations.
  • How the force is deployed.
  • The local conditions and facilities available.