Deployment Welfare Package (Overseas) for Out of Area Locations

Component Parts of the DWP(O)

The exact composition of the DWP(O) will depend upon the nature and duration of the deployment. On new operations it may take time to introduce all elements of the package depending on the operational situation and the environment and infrastructure of the country in which the operation is taking place.

Naval personnel at sea generally deploy with the elements of the DWP(O) from the Initial Phase and the Follow-on Phase and therefore may experience little difference in conditions aboard when moving from exercise deployments to a declaration of an operational deployment. However, their welfare needs will need to be enhanced to the Sustained Phase when eligible.

The component parts of the DWP(O) are:

Communications - Telephony, Email/SMS, Forces Mail
Entertainment - Adio Visual, Internet, Printed Matter and Games
Support - Shops, Laundry and Shower Facilities
Connect - Families Welfare Grant, Families Concessionary Travel Allowances