Deployment Welfare Package (Overseas) - Support


A key welfare enabler for deployed Service personnel is the ability to purchase personal items that are not provided at public expense or available locally. MoD requires NAAFI to provide canteen and bulk issue services through the Expeditionary Forces Institutes (EFI) to the Armed Forces involved in operations, war and major exercise deployments, and the Naval Canteen Service (NCS) provided on some HM Ships.

The MoD's core requirements for NAAFI services in operational theatres and on board ship are for the timely and sustained provision of the following key items:

o Toiletries.

o Confectionery.

o Cigarettes/tobacco products.

o Refreshments.

o Reading and writing material.

o Greeting cards/flower delivery service.

o Small electrical items e.g. personal entertainment/games.

o Other, non-specified items as the military situation dictates.

Laundry Facilities:

Personnel in receipt of the DWP(O) and deployed on land will be eligible for a 24 hour turn-around (where available) laundry of military and non-uniform clothing, towels and bedding at public expense, for the duration of their deployment.


Where possible, daily permanent shower facilities should be provided from the onset of an operation. Until permanent facilities have been provided, personnel in receipt of the DWP(O) should be issued with individual shower bags as part of the Early Entry Pack.