Deployment Welfare Package

The aim of deployment welfare is to support the morale of Service personnel by making the fullest possible provision for their emotional and physical wellbeing. It is important that commanders understand the details of the Deployment Welfare Package (DWP), the underlying doctrine and current welfare policy so that they can keep their subordinates informed about what is provided and why.

However, the welfare of Service personnel on operations is not just about what is delivered by the DWP; welfare is a command and leadership function, which the DWP supports. It is important that commanders at all levels take responsibility for the welfare of their subordinates, manage expectations and utilise the full range of support available from both public and non-public sources.

Wherever possible Service personnel should be encouraged to make improvements to their living conditions through self-help. Allowing personnel to take ownership of aspects of their own welfare provision engenders a sense of self-reliance and contributes to morale. The introduction of the DWP represents a significant step in the provision of welfare support to our Servicemen and women.

Eligibility Criteria

Personnel will be eligible to receive the DWP(O) if they are deployed on one of the following:

  • Operations overseas, expected to last for 2 months or more, with a designated name and under the operational command of Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), for which a CDS directive has been issued.
  • Maritime deployments, outside UK home waters, expected to last for 2 months or more.
  • Other operations, exercises and deployments overseas but outside North West Europe, which, are expected to last for 2 months or more, by formed units and/or individual Service personnel under the command of either NATO, PJHQ or the single-Service Commands.

The DWP(O) is not provided in the following circumstances:

  • Locations with a developed infrastructure, where most elements of the DWP(O) are already available to Service personnel.
  • Locations where Service personnel are in receipt of Local Overseas Allowance (LOA).