Family and Separation

Over the last 10 years the Royal Air Force has changed the way it operates and is now considered to be an "Expeditionary Force" deployed at short notice when required.

These deployments inevitably have an effect on the family lives of our personnel and the following links may help you get through the time apart.

The Demands of Deployment (PDF, 696KB)

Help for Parents & Children during deployment (PDF, 6.37MB)

Looking after yourself during your partner's deployment (PDF, 140KB)

Return & Reunion (PDF, 1.34MB)

Coming Home (PDF, 656KB)

My Daddy's Going Away

My Daddy's Going Away is a great little book written by a serving Army Officer. It helps children understand the issues surrounding separation in a fun and informative way. The website also offers useful tips for families dealing with the separation.

My Daddy's Going Away Website