Dealing with Terminal Illness and Bereavement

The RAF Personnel Recovery Unit (RAF PRU), by virtue of its role, has personnel on their strength who may be suffering from a terminal or life threatening illness and maintains close contact with them and their families. As a result, the RAF PRU has built up a wealth of information and points of contact with outside agencies, which may be of use to the wider community.

Terminal and Life Threatening Illness (PDF, 90KB)

Terminal Illness - Bank Account Advice (PDF, 38KB)

Living Wills (PDF, 35KB)

Understanding and Coping with Grief (PDF, 62KB)

General Bereavement Advice (PDF, 84KB)

Helping the Bereaved (PDF, 62KB)

Death in the Family - Helping Children to Cope (PDF, 61KB)

Documentation and Legal Requirements Following a Death (PDF, 64KB)

Poems and Words of Comfort (PDF, 100KB)

Traditional Burial (PDF, 44KB)

Cremation (PDF, 59KB)