Deferred Resettlement Information

If a Service person is unable to take their resettlement whilst in service due to medical or compassionate reasons, they may be granted deferred resettlement for up to 2 years after their termination date and possibly longer in exceptional circumstances. On occasion there may be entitlement to transfer any deferred resettlement to a person’s spouse. The PRU will be informed by SO1 Resettlement RAF of any agreed deferment who will in turn contact the Service Person. The PRU will process all Travel & Subsistence (T&S) claims for resettlement activities.

The Service Person will be informed of their designated Regional Resettlement Advisor (RRA). For comprehensive contact details please follow the link below:

Regional Resettlement Advisor contact details (internal systems only)

Further information pertaining to Resettlement can be found in the following Joint Service Publication:

JSP 534 – Tri-Service Resettlement Manual (PDF, 373KB)

Useful Forms:

F363T – The MOD Form 363T is only to be used for the authorisation of Resettlement training activities. To be forwarded to OC PRU for approval.
F363 – The MOD Form 363 is to be used for the authorisation of all other Resettlement activities, including Career Transition Workshops (CTWs).
F1748 – Claim form for IRTC Grant. (Located at Annex O of JSP 534 – Follow link above).
JPA F016 – Claim form for T&S (Travel & Subsistence). (Located under JPA Forms / Allowances). To be forwarded to JNCO PRU for process and payment.

Career Transition Partnership

Over 18,500 Service leavers come on to the civilian job market through the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) each year. They include highly trained engineers, technicians, trainers, administrators, IT managers, drivers, chefs, nurses, pilots, experienced managers and communications experts.

For further information and access to MOD Forms please follow the link to the Career Transition Partnership Website –