Pay and Benefits

Clarification regarding Ill Health Forecasts

If a service person wishes to find out in advance what their financial position will be when they leave service they should follow the guidance below:

Pensions – Armed Forces Pension Scheme

All service personnel will receive an automatic forecast of any ill-health pension benefits they are entitled to normally no later than 6 weeks prior to their date of discharge. Generally, forecasts will be provided up to 3 months in advance of the individual's date of discharge where the Final Medical Board (FMB) has been received by Veterans UK and a discharge date has been set.

Compensation – Armed Forces Compensation Scheme / War Pension Scheme

If you think you may be entitled to compensation under AFCS, it is recommended that you claim whilst you are still serving, in order to receive any compensation you are entitled to as soon as possible. If you don’t want to submit a claim for compensation under AFCS until after your service has ended, or your injury or illness began prior to 6th April 2005 and can only be considered under the WPS after your service has ended, then you may request an indicative forecast of compensation or benefits you may receive from Veterans UK, on condition that your claim is successful.

It may not always be possible, in certain circumstances to provide a forecast, due to a lack of required information. However, any forecast that is provided can only be calculated using information available at the time, which is subject to change. Additionally, it should be noted that any forecast may be subject to adjustment by the amount of AFPS paid, in accordance with legislation. Hence, it is advised that no financial commitments are entered into based on any forecast given. If you wish to request an indicative forecast of compensation from Veterans UK, please send an e-mail, with as much information regarding your service and your claimed injury or illness, including why you think it was caused by service, to:

How do I apply for my Armed Forces Pension?

Once you are aware of the approximate date your service will be ending, you can apply for any Armed Forces Pension benefits you are entitled to. The form you need to complete is the AFPS Form Pen 1 . (PDF, 202KB) This will be explained to you during your discharge visit by the PRU staff. It is recommended that this is completed and sent to Veterans UK not more than 3 months before your final day of service.

A hard copy of the form is available in your Service Leavers Pack. The pack is sent out to service leavers up to 9 months in advance of your leaving date, and is automatically issued when medical discharge is confirmed. If you are physically unable to complete the form yourself, you may ask someone else to do so, on your behalf. You can also complete and submit the form on-line via JPA Self Service. The form will be pre-populated in certain fields to aid completion, and will be automatically checked for errors. Once it is submitted, JPA Workflow will confirm receipt and final acceptance of the form.

For the avoidance of doubt all personnel who are being medically discharged are advised to write in and ask for an ill health forecast as the Contractor is contracted to provide an ill health forecast on receipt of a written request.

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) Aide Memoire (PDF, 744KB)

Veterans UK - An Overview

Veterans UK provides pay, pension and support services to both military personnel and the veterans community. directly serving around 900,000 members of the Armed Forces community. Veterans UK is currently situated over four main sites from Glasgow in the north to Gosport on the south coast. It is a tri-Service organisation and works with CSC as its commercial partner.

Veterans UK Website

Defence Discount Service

The Ministry Of Defence has launched a new Defence Discount Service, as part of the Armed Forces Covenant, in recognition of service in the Armed Forces. The Defence Discount Service is open to members of the Armed Forces community including: Serving and Reserve personnel, Armed Forces veterans, spouses/partners of Service personnel and bereaved spouses/partners. It is also open to MOD civil servants, members of the cadet forces and NATO personnel serving in UK-based posts.
Many high profile companies are engaged with the Defence Discount Service such as; Vodafone, KFC, Vue Cinemas and a number of major supermarkets, clothing stores and technology companies. They are offering discounts on cars, lap-tops, supermarket shops, holidays and mobile phones. The list is growing and we anticipate many more companies will now come forward to add their support to those already committed to helping make life a little easier for our Armed Forces community and our MOD civilians too.

A wide range of discounts and privileges can be accessed online immediately here, on the DDS Facebook Page and via the DDS Twitter feed. A privilege card is also a key part of the new Defence Discount Service and later this year it will be made available to members for a small cost, making it easier for people to access discounts in stores and online.