RAF Wittering HIVE

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RAF Wittering HIVE
Building 25
The Amenities Centre
RAF Wittering


Tel: 01780 783838 ext 7541
Mil: 95351 ext 7541

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs 0830-1600
Fri 0830-1530

Information about RAF Wittering

One of the oldest flying stations in the Royal Air Force, RAF Wittering is home to more than 2,050 Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Ministry of Defence civilian personnel. It now has responsibility for a wide range of diverse operational units, both in terms of the output from the elements that make up the RAF Logistics Hub and in respect of the support it provides for all the units and personnel, both military and civilian, at Wittering.

As a flying station, it provides full airfield facilities to support Joint Force Harrier and other aircraft. As the RAF Logistics Hub, it provides expeditionary logistics in support of RAF operations worldwide. The Station Commander, who is also the Logistics Force Element Commander, has responsibility for numerous units, wings and Air Combat Service Support Units.Additionally, the Station provides domestic parenting support to personnel of the Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit, which operates in peacetime within the NHS Foundation Trust Hospitals in Peterborough.

The town of Stamford is situated 3 miles from RAF Wittering, just off the A1, which was the old Great North Road leading to York and Edinburgh. Visitors to Stamford can enjoy an almost perfect unspoilt town with many Medieval and Georgian buildings.

Close by is Peterborough a thriving city - a regional centre for commerce, industry, transport and leisure. It is rapidly expanding to meet the demand for new houses, and is home to a community of diverse cultures. Rutland Water is one of the largest man-made lakes in Europe and is located in Rutland, England’s smallest county six miles west of Stamford. It offers many amenities, including cycle hire, bird watching, fishing, boat hire and water sports.

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