Big White Wall

Do you or a member of your family have issues or troubles you find it difficult to talk about? is a safe, anonymous support service, available online 24/7. It’s staffed by trained counsellors at all times and it’s free to all military personnel, veterans and their families.

Some examples of the issues that are raised are:

Relationship problems– Anxiety – Trauma – Stress – Bereavement –Divorce – Alcoholism.

Funded by the MOD, Department of Health and Help for Heroes, Big White Wall provides free access to its award-winning support network, a community of over 10,000 members, where people can share what’s troubling them without fear of stigma. On Big White Wall, members are anonymous and there are counsellors on hand 24/7. And, if talking is difficult, there’s a wide range of helpful resources from self-help guides, to tests and articles, which members can access at any time.

Benefits of Big White Wall

· Safe, anonymous support 24/7

· Talk about whatever is troubling you without fear of stigma

· Creative self-expression

· Talk to others with similar experiences

· 73% of members share an issue for the first time

· Trained counsellors (called Wall Guides) online 24/7

Joining is easy, simply go to and click where prompted for immediate access to support, lots of useful information and much more.