Charitable Funding

Charitable Funding applications may be submitted by RAF Units for wide-ranging activities, eg in support of projects that will enhance the welfare provision and facilities currently available on stations, and to assist in sporting ventures, in consultation with the RAF Sports Board. Applications are administered at Headquarters Air Command, either by Central Fund Staffs or by Warrant Officer Community Support 2 (95221 5620).

Examples of the different types of funding available to the RAF Community are available below, together with an application form, where appropriate. In addition, below is a useful guide to help you formulate a successful bid for funding.

Tips for a successful bid (PDF, 45KB)

The Royal Air Force Central Fund (‘The Fund’) 

The Fund may be used for such charitable purposes as the Trustees may determine for the benefit of Her Majesty’s Air Forces and of persons who are members of those forces, and their dependants. The Fund may not be used to relieve public funds of any commitments. One of the main purposes to which the Fund are put is to provide finance, for projects of a welfare, sporting, recreational or quality of life nature which cannot be funded from elsewhere.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Fund or applying for a grant please contact / 01494 497793

The Nuffield Trust for the Forces of the Crown (NT)

The NT finances recreational and welfare amenities and facilities that are likely to be of lasting benefit to the Armed Forces but which are not provided by public funds and which are beyond the resources of Service funds. The Trust looks favourably on applications that seek to benefit the ‘Service Family’ as a whole. Applications for funding up to £12,500 may be submitted at any time as these are staffed at Air Command.

Applications for funding of more than £12,500 are to be submitted by 1 December for staffing to the Annual Trustees Meeting in March. An application form is below. Further information on the Nuffield Trust can be found on their website, or through Warrant Officer Community Support 2, at HQ AIR on 95221 5620 (01494 495620).

Nuffield Trust Application Form (PDF, 88KB)

Royal Air Force Charitable Trust

The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust (RAFCT) is the youngest of the Royal Air Force charities having formed in 2005. Its main source of income comes from its trading company, the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprises, who organise the Royal International Air Tattoo each year at RAF Fairford. The Trust’s mission is to PROMOTE the Royal Air Force, to SUPPORT its people now and into the future and to ENCOURAGE air-mindedness and the aviation-related education of youth. This is achieved, primarily, through:

the staging of the Royal International Air Tattoo, the Royal Air Force Concerts and other similar activities and,the giving of grants to satisfy the Trust’s objectives

Therefore the Trust aims to support the Royal Air Force, to enhance the environment of serving personnel and their families and has a commitment to young people, to initiate and develop within them an enthusiasm for aviation and consequently generate a desire in them to join the RAF. The Charitable Trust supports a wide range of initiatives and projects which have been for the benefit of serving RAF personnel, RAF veterans and young people. The Trustees are particularly supportive of projects and welfare facilities that will benefit those preparing for, or serving on front-line deployments, and their families at RAF Stations around the country.

Since the Charitable Trust was established, the Trustees have approved nearly more than £750K in grants for welfare related projects that contribute to the efficiency of the RAF. They have given grants to refurbish families clubs, HIVEs, crew rooms and messes; RAF Honington, Odiham, Brize Norton, Benson, Lyneham, Waddington and Wittering have all benefitted from these. Some of the other grants approved have included: provision of sports and adventurous training equipment, partial funding for expeditions and micro-light aircraft for air experience flights. (The Trust has also carried out a number of joint activities with RAFA and RAFBF, as well as funding numerous Air Cadet projects.)

Further information and examples of previous awards can be found on the RAFCT’s website.

Any general enquiries and completed applications should be directed to the Director of the RAF Charitable Trust, Group Captain Justine Morton on 01285 713300 Ext 5629 or by email to, whilst RAF Community Support can provide advice on suitable projects. Units who wish to submit applications assistance should use the Grant Application form and Guidance Notes which can be found on the Trust’swebsite.

Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA)

RAFA supports small welfare projects up to £5,000 on Stations and work closely with community support staff across RAF. The main focuses for grant support are Contact House Grants, Internet Café Equipment and WiFi, but all small welfare projects are considered. For further information contact Rory O'Connor, Welfare Manager at To find out more about the Association or to become a member visit their website. An Application form for bids is below. Although applications can be submitted at any time through CSpt2 WO, early consultation with RAFA is essential.

RAF Association Application for Funding (PDF, 58KB)

Storybook Wings is also a RAFA-funded project and is based at RAF Wittering; for more information visit their website.

SSVC Welfare Fund 

The SSVC Welfare fund will finance welfare and recreational amenities and projects, which directly or indirectly contribute to Operational Effectiveness (OE). Priority for the provision of funds will be accorded to those serving on, preparing for, or recovering from operations and those living in isolated or arduous conditions; funds will also be made available to support other requirements, including support to dependants in the home base, which contribute to operational effectiveness by enhancing morale and developing personal attributes. This can include the sponsorship of sport and adventure training. However, each case for sport or adventure training will be considered on individual merit.

Although all applications are to be staffed through CSpt2 WO, early engagement with the Secretary of the SSVC Welfare Fund, Maria James at or by telephone on 01494 878239 is essential. Further information on the SSVC Welfare Fund is available through the SSVC website.

The Annington Trust 

The Annington Trust accepts bids from all 3 Services to support projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the Service community.

The Trust focuses its funding on smaller projects where a little bit of money can make a huge difference.  Bids are therefore usually submitted around the £500 - £1000 mark but, where the need is demonstrated some much larger grants will be made.  The Trust will consider bids at any time.  Bids are considered by six Trustees, three of whom are directors of the company, each with extensive experience of Service Life.  The other three are the Heads of the Services’ Families Federations and bring first-hand knowledge of the needs and requirements of Service families.  

The application form is available via the Trust’s website and the Trust Administrator is always contactable for advice, either online: or by telephoning 020 7960 7504.

Applications should be copied to Air Cmd CSpt2 WO and the Director of the RAF Families Federation (, who will ensure he is  briefed on the particular local needs and circumstances prior to the bids being considered and will advise his fellow Trustees accordingly. He is happy to advise any staff considering making a bid and can be contacted on 01780 781650.