Care and Support Groups

Alcohol Abuse

Millions of men and women have heard or read about the unique Fellowship called Alcoholics Anonymous since its founding in 1935. Of these, more than 2,000,000 now call themselves members. People who once drank to excess, they finally acknowledged that they could not handle alcohol, and now live a new way of life without it.

Alcohol Concern

Alcohol Concern is the national agency on alcohol misuse. They work to reduce the incidence and costs of alcohol-related harm and to increase the range and quality of services available to people with alcohol-related problems.


Therapy for Children with Developmental Delay whether caused by Cerebral Palsy, Genetic Disorder or Brain Injury
Brainwave is an international Charity, which since 1982 has provided parents of children with special needs, the opportunity to take an active part in the development and progress of their child.

Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood (CLIC)

Each day in the UK, five families are told their child has cancer or leukaemia. From that moment on, their lives will never be the same again. CLIC recognises the extreme pressures placed on families when a child is diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia and works towards meeting the financial, practical, emotional and clinical needs of those children and their families. Their role is to try and help these children and their families cope and keep life as normal as possible. You can find out more about what CLIC does by going on their website.


Cancerbackup was launched as a national cancer information service in October 1985. Its founder, Dr Vicky Clement-Jones, through her own experience of cancer, realised that cancer patients, and their families and friends, had a great need for high quality and up to date information, practical advice and support.
Cancerbackup meets this need with a free cancer information service staffed by qualified and experienced cancer nurses, publications on all aspects of cancer written specifically for patients and their families (available in full on this website) and a growing number of Cancerbackup local centres in hospitals up and down the country, also staffed by specialist cancer nurses.

Children and Parents Asperger Autistic Support

C.A.P.A.A.S. ( Children and Parents Asperger Autistic Support). Is a Sleaford Lincolnshire based support group run by parents for parents and open to all. This group meets to provide support and provide information on the subject of Asperger Syndrome and Autism under the collective name of ASC's ( Autistic Spectrum Conditions).

Counselling Directory

The Counselling Directory only lists qualified/registered counsellors and psychotherapists. Every member must provide proof of their qualifications and insurance cover or must be registered with a recognised professional body.

Counselling Directory Website

Advice & Information from ASCS (Advice Service Capability Scotland)

Disabled people, parents, carers and others often need information and advice on Capability Scotland's services but also on many other aspects of living with a disability.

St. Dunstan's

St. Dunstan's provide crucial assistance to ex-Service men and women with very significant loss of sight. Their specialist training and support helps them regain their independence and optimism and make the most of the opportunities available to them. They are partners for life, helping not just St. Dunstaners, but also their families, who often need support or advice in their own right. Teaching new skills, sorting out housing issues, helping with benefits claims, and providing a thriving sporting and social network are just a few of their many roles.

Diabetes UK (formerly British Diabetes Society)

Diabetes UK is the leading charity working for people with diabetes. We fund research, campaign and help people to live with the condition.
Our mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and to work towards a future without diabetes.

The Down's Syndrome Association

The Down's Syndrome Association is a membership led and driven organisation, open to anyone who wishes to join. Full membership which confers voting rights, is open to parents, adults with Down's syndrome and their carers. Associate membership is open to grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and godparents. Affiliate membership is open to all professionals, (Doctors, Nurses, Speech & Language Therapists etc.) and schools, colleges and organisations.

Down's Syndrome Scotland

Like all of us, people with Down's syndrome need support, respect and the right to take decisions for themselves. Often the greatest disability they have is other people's attitudes. The SDSA works to change public attitudes and help create the conditions in which people with DS can enjoy a good quality of life in the heart of their communities.

British Dyslexia Association

The word 'dyslexia' comes from the Greek and means 'difficulty with words'. It is a difference in the brain area that deals with language. It affects the under-lying skills that are needed for learning to read, write and spell. Brain imaging techniques show that dyslexic people process information differently.

Lady Grover's Fund

Lady Grover founded this Fund in India in 1911. She saw the need to help Officers meet the cost of hospital and nursing expenses arising out of illness of their families, for whom, at that time, there was no Service medical care.

London Meditation Project

The London Meditation Project believe meditation can be of real value to those living with the lasting effect of military experience. They provide meditation, relaxation and stress relief training for Service personnel and veterans.

More Details (PDF, 503KB)

London Meditation Project Website

Hypnotherapy Directory

Hypnotherapy Directory is a UK based online directory listing hypnotherapists who are registered with a professional body or those who have sent in copies of their qualifications and insurance cover. The directory is run by a team dedicated to promoting the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Mutual Support - The Armed Forces Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

Mutual Support is a Tri-Service MS Group which has been formed to act as a centre for Support, Information and Advice for any personnel irrespective of Rank/Grade who have an association with Multiple Sclerosis.

Meningitis Now

Formed in 2013 by bringing together Meningitis UK and Meningitis Trust, founders of the meningitis movement in the UK – they exist to save lives and rebuild futures by funding research, raising awareness and providing support.

National Society for Epilepsy

Our epilepsy care services include long term residential care, respite care and rehabilitation services for people with epilepsy.

National Society for Epilepsy

Find out about the internationally renowned medical services such as outpatient clinics, in-patient assessment services, MRI and EEG units, staffed by epilepsy specialists from both medical and psychology teams.


Formed in June 1996 by former testicular cancer patient, Colin Osborne. The Orchid Cancer Appeal was the first registered charity dedicated to fund research into diagnosis, prevention and treatment of testicular, prostate and penile cancer and to increase public awareness of these previously neglected diseases.

Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)

Helping all blind and partially sighted people in the UK

There are around two million people in the UK with sight problems. RNIB helps anyone with a sight problem - not just with braille, Talking Books and computer training, but with imaginative and practical solutions to everyday challenges. We campaign to change society's attitudes, actions and assumptions, so that people with sight problems can enjoy the same rights, freedoms and responsibilities as fully sighted people. We fund pioneering research into preventing and treating eye disease and we promote eye health by running public health awareness campaigns.

Therapy Directory

Therapy Directory promotes the benefits of complementary therapy and aims to give visitors all the information they need to help them make an informed decision about whether therapy would be right for them. The website has an FAQ's section, a number of useful articles written by members and the facility to search for a practitioner in your area. All listed therapists have to provide qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a professional body.

Therapy Directory Website

Drug Information | Solvent Abuse

Resolve is a national charity dedicated to the prevention of solvent and volatile substance abuse (VSA). Their contact details and website link are provided below.

Drug Information | National Drug Helpline

The helpline does not provide individual medical advice, formal counselling or treatment. However, they do hold information on local agencies throughout the UK that can provide more specialist help. This information is updated continuously.

Drug Information | The Site is produced and managed by YouthNet UK, a small registered charity founded in 1995. aims to offer the best guide to life for young adults, aged 16-25. TheSite believes that all young people have the capacity to make their own decisions and life choices, provided they have access to quality, impartial information and advice, and the opportunity to get support and empathy from other young people going through similar situations.