Dental Care

Dental Care - How do I find an NHS dentist in England & Wales?

NHS Direct (0845 46 47) can provide you with details of local dentists accepting NHS patients in England and Wales, or you can search the website below. Alternatively, text dentist to 64746.
Finding an NHS Dentist

In some areas there are also Dental Access Centres. Anyone who is not currently registered with a NHS dentist will be able to seek treatment from these Centres. The Centres will not register patients but anyone who is in need of dental treatment will be able to receive it.

The Community Dental Service provides treatment for people who may not otherwise seek or receive dental care, such as people with learning disabilities, elderly housebound people, people with mental or physical health problems or other disabling conditions which prevent them from visiting a family dentist.

RAF Dependants

RAF dependants can receive treatment for acute dental emergencies from RAF Dental Centres, if there is no local access to NHS facilities.

Guide to NHS Dental Services in England (PDF, 2.42MB)

Finding a dentist in Scotland

NHS 24 has a search facility where you just enter your postcode to find a dentist anywhere in Scotland:

NHS 24 Local Services Finder

Finding a dentist in Northern Ireland

The Business Services Organisation is responsible for the provision of health and social care in Northern Ireland. Their website provides a comprehensive list of dentists:

Business Services Organisation Denist Finder

Defence Dental Services

Defence Dental Services is the tri-Service organisation providing dental care for Armed Forces personnel.

Defence Dental Services Website