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Finding NHS Facilities


The National Health Service provides a local directory for individuals to find the following through a database search.

  • Dental Practices
  • General Practitioner Surgeries
  • Opticians
  • Pharmacies
  • Walk in Surgeries

NHS Direct Tel: 0845 4647

Northern Ireland

Official Website for Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland


The Scottish Government Health Directorate is responsible both for NHSScotland and for the development and implementation of health and community care policy.


Services in NHS Wales can be located in this comprehensive Directory.
Click the links below, to list services in that region:

North Wales

Mid and West Wales

South East Wales

Tel: 0845 4647

Direct Online Health Encyclopaedia

Find everything you need to know about medical conditions, symptoms, health tests, treatments, operations and services by visiting the NHS Direct on-line Health Encyclopædia at the link below.

Lady Grover's Fund

Lady Grover founded this Fund in India in 1911. She saw the need to help Officers meet the cost of hospital and nursing expenses arising out of illness of their families, for whom, at that time, there was no Service medical care.