Sensible Drinking

Sensible drinking.

Alcohol in moderation can have positive health benefits such as preventing heart disease and assisting digestion. However drinking to excess can increase risk of accidents, cause weight gain, loss of self-control as well as causing long term ill health and costing money. It is therefore important that people understand the importance of sensible drinking.

The operational role of the Royal Air Force demands the highest standards of technical and administrative efficiency from its personnel both home and abroad, which are not compatible with the effects produced by alcohol misuse. Those whose efficiency is reduced by the excessive consumption of alcohol are not only a liability to themselves but also to their families, their colleagues and the overall effectiveness of the Royal Air Force.

Below are some helpful links for units to utilise to raise awareness of this issue.

NICE Alcohol Strategy (PDF, 114KB)

Binge Drinking Poster (PDF, 1.82MB)

Alcohol Awareness Leaflet (PDF, 385KB)

Hypnotherapy Directory guidance on Alcohol Abuse