Sexual Health

Historically, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) have been the cause of considerable morbidity in the Armed Forces population. Instances of newly diagnosed common STIs have increased recently in the UK and the trend in the Armed Forces is likely to be the same. Overall, poor sexualy health impacts upon military capability by rendering individuals unfit to deploy because of the presence of disease or unwanted pregnancy; by increasing the risk of contracting (and consequently tramsmitting) STIs whilst deployed overseas; and by reducing the overall psychological health of the individual. is run by the Men's Health Forum, the UK's leading charity working to improve men's health. Malehealth provides essential, accurate, easy to use information about the key health problems that affect men. Packed with tips, expert advice and details of how men can check their own health and use health professionals more effectively, malehealth provides the down-to-earth and practical rsources men need to lead healthier, happier lives. A link to their website is provided below: