Smoking Cessation

Although smoking prevalence is falling, it remains persistent in the 20-34 year age group and is higher in the military than in the civilian population. Smoking remains the largest single preventable cause of death and disability in the UK. A recent survey found a reduction of 3 months in life expectancy for every additional year of smoking after the age of 40. It is therefore important that we provide advice and support to help our people stop smoking.

Quit Smoking Poster (PDF, 506KB)

No Smoking Day Poster (PDF, 1.53MB)

A guide to using the NCSCT Training and Assessment Programme (PDF, 150KB)

Smoking Cessation Questionnaire (PDF, 117KB)

Armed Forces Look After Your Lungs Project (PDF, 2.18MB)

Armed Forces Smoking Cessation Report 2009 (PDF, 696KB)