Administration: Afghanistan

Throughout the occupation of Afghanistan, RAF personnel wereasked to contribute to a collection of stories about their day to day workwhile on tour.

In 2010 Kim Grove worked within the Joint Helicopter Unit, Afghanistan supporting tri-service operations in Helmand Province.

Senior Aircraftsman Kim Grove.

My name is Senior Aircraftsman Kim Grove. I am 24 years old and I am working as an administrator on Operation Herrick.


My job can vary greatly. What I am doing here, on Operation Herrick 12, is very much a support role.

It encompasses not just the day to day admin queries but also welfare queries. I love that my job allows me to interact with so many different people from across all three British Armed Forces. Customer service is a massive part of my job, as is listening to people to allow me to help them, using the best method possible.

Here in the Joint Helicopter Force (Afghanistan) we have both myself and a Royal Navy Petty Officer taking care of administration. Between us we look after around 500 personnel. Our tasks range from pay queries to flight bookings for people going home at the end of their deployment, as well as for personnel going on R and R (Rest and Recuperation break). We ensure everything runs smoothly.

However today that work force has shrunk to one - me! - because my Petty Officer has gone on R and R himself, leaving me to cover my own tasks, and his, for the next two weeks.

But I don't mind. Being busy out here is great as it means the days fly by, and before I know it I will be back in the UK wondering where the time went.

With things ever changing and improving I am always learning something new about my job, which makes for a much more interesting time. I have to keep up with the changes in pay scales and all the deployment allowances, to make sure the guys and girls get the correct information at all times.

I also love to make the most of my free time though. As a female I find that I really look forward to a couple of hours a week when I can do "girlie" things, like applying a facemask, reading a book or blow drying my hair. It gives me a few hours just to be me. And not covered in dust!

Photography: RAF/MOD/Crown Copyright 2010.

UK and Afghanistan

UK involvement in Afghanistan goes back over 100 years.

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