Diamond Jubilee

 Diamond Jubilee Flypast. Photographer: Senior Aircraftsman Daniel Herrick LBIPP

From 2nd to the 5th June 2012, the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.

Parties and events were held all over the UK. All of the services were involved in the formal celebrations and an RAF fly past was a highlight of the weekend.

Here are just a few of the comments form RAF personnel.

Warrant Officer Gary Blair, Training Manager, RAF Cosford


“I have three sons in the RAF, Christopher, Mark and Gary. One of them said ‘you lucky devil’.

“I’ve only got two and a half years left. I won’t see anything like this again. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. The only downside is being separated from my wife, but she is proud of me.”

SAC Robert Campbell, Supplier, RAF Leeming

“It’s one of those things you ought to be part of. You join up for days like this.

My family think it’s fantastic – I’ve managed to get them tickets.”

Flight Lieutenant Mike Chatterton, Pilot and Flight Safety Officer, RAF Waddington

Flt Liut Mike Chatterton. Jubilee

I was born in the Coronation year and joined the RAF in 1974. In 1989 I joined the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and flew the Lancaster. My dad was in the RAF and was a Lancaster pilot; my daughter Amy is in the CCF and has just gone solo in a glider – three generations of RAF uniform.

I have huge pride in being part of the marching contingent. I volunteered on the grounds that I’m almost in my last year. I’d seen these enviously on the TV and this was a chance to take part. Would I rather be marching or in the Lancaster in the flypast? There’s no contest – there was nothing bad about flying that aeroplane.”

Warrant Officer ‘Spike’ Sloley, School Warrant Officer, No 1 Radio School, RAF Cosford

“It’s an honour and a privilege. My wife is looking forward to Saturday to see if she can pick me out!”

Flight Lieutenant Mike Parker, Air Traffic Control Instructor, RAF Shawbury

Mike Parker. Jubilee

“This is the chance to do something different. This is the only chance to march at such a prestigious occasion.

“My family have Sky plussed it on the TV. My Nan says she’ll watch if it doesn't clash with the cricket. I’m sure she’s joking...”

Corporal Simon Almen, Avionics Technician, 5 Squadron, RAF Waddington

Simon almen. Jubilee

“It’s a once in a lifetime thing. The feeling I know I’m going to get walking through Windsor and past the Queen – it’ll be an amazing feeling.

“The worst thing is all the practicing. But the more you do here, the better you’ll be there. The drill instructors are really good.”

Flight Lieutenant Adam Dingle, Chief of Staff, No 1 School of Technical Training, RAF Cosford

Adam Dingle. Jubilee

“I’m quite proud to be here, representing my country and my Service.

“My parents have always been very supportive, and my wife Caroline is as well. Caroline and Felicity, my daughter, will be watching it. My daughter is only two so she’d rather have a bag of crisps!”

Editor: Flt Lt Tom Calver

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