Where to see the Chinook Display in 2023

Preparing For a Display

Before the display season gets under way the entire crew must undergo an intense work-up under the supervision of one of the squadron executives.

Engineers prepare the display aircraft
Image: Cpl Tim Laurence, RAF

Unlike dedicated display teams, such as the Red Arrows or Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - the RAF Chinook Display Team is drawn from front-line aircrew who still have important primary roles to fulfill. Whilst the team are busy rehearsing the display the Display Managers are busy planning for air show appearances, putting together the team's promotional material, engaging with the media and readying the transport arrangements that allow a team of around 10 engineers to arrive at shows ahead of the display aircraft. All of these tasks must be completed alongside the crew members' routine tasks and secondary duties.

Before a weekend of display flying, the team must attend a Met brief, detailing the day's weather, plus a display brief outlining the exact procedures for the day. Once this is done the captain will conduct a final sortie brief and sign for the aircraft which has been prepared by skilled engineers. The team will drive to the aircraft, conduct a walk-round to ensure that everything appears to be in order and then start the aircraft and load the avionic systems. This can take hours, depending on the complexity of the show and the flypast requirements that are conducted en route.

View of the chinook and all the onboard kit, laid out on the ground, taken from above.


Request a Display 2024

The decision on where the Chinook Display Team perform in 2024 is controlled by the JHC Display Team and follows a carefully managed application process.

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