Hawk T1

Who flies the Hawk T1/1A

Used for weapons and tactical training at IV Squadron RAF Valley.

  1. 208 (Reserve) Squadron
    RAF Valley

The Hawk T1 version is currently used at RAF Valley for fast-jet pilot advanced training, however this role will increasingly migrate to IV(R) Sqn and the Hawk T2 in the future. The Hawk T1 is also operated by the RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, and 100 Sqn. While the Hawk T1 is used primarily in the advanced flying-training role, it is equipped to an operational standard and is capable of undertaking a war role.


  • Engines: Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour turbofan
  • Thrust: 5200lbs
  • Max speed: 550kts
  • Length: 11.9m
  • Max altitude: 48,000ft
  • Span: 9.39m
  • Aircrew: 2
  • Armament: AIM-9L Sidewinder


The T1 has two underwing pylons cleared to carry AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missiles. The cannon can be fired at the same time as any of the pylon-mounted weapons are selected for release or firing. Aiming facilities for the aircraft’s attack modes are provided by an integrated strike and interception system, while a Vinten video recording system is used to record the weapon sighting.

The next generation Hawk aircraft, the Hawk T2, entered service in 2008 as a replacement for some of the current Hawk T1s. The Hawk T2 introduces student pilots to the digital cockpit environment they will experience in front-line operational service and will provide a seamless transition between basic flying training, and operational conversion training onto advanced fighter aircraft such as the Typhoon F2 and the Joint Combat Aircraft, Lightning II.

Hawk recognition

Slightly-swept wings set at the bottom of the fuselage. Top line of the fuselage curves up from the pointed nose to incorporate the long clear cockpit canopy then slopes down to the jetpipe, giving a humped appearance. Engine is internally housed with small circular intakes on the lower sides of the fuselage, forward and above the wing roots. Slightly-swept vertical and horizontal tail surfaces

In flight



Training Aircraft

Hawk T2


A training aircraft with mission avionics that are representative of front-line aircraft.

King Air


Used as an advanced, multi-engine pilot trainer



Used for Single Engine Rotary Wing training.

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