Hawk T2

Who flies the Hawk T2

Used to train pilots for Tornado GR4, Typhoon and the future Joint Combat Aircraft.

  1. 4 (Reserve) Squadron
    RAF Valley

The Hawk T2 is a fully aerobatic, low wing, transonic, 2-seat training aircraft with mission avionics that are representative of front-line aircraft. It is used to train pilots for Tornado GR4, Typhoon and Lighting II


  • Engines: Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca Adour Mk.951 turbofan
  • Thrust: 6,500lbs
  • Max speed: 555kts
  • Length: 12.43m
  • Max altitude: 42000ft
  • Span: 9.94m
  • Aircrew: 1 or 2


The Hawk T2 is used to train selected personnel to meet the Fast Jet Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) input standards. The aircraft’s ‘glass cockpit’ avionics suite provides a realistic advanced fast jet training platform which, as part of the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS), meets current and future OCU input standards. It allows trainees to be immersed in the more complex tactical environments by ‘downloading’ training from the OCUs. The Hawk T2 has a data link that gives the pilot synthetic radar for intercept training. The aircraft also has a sensor simulation capability to allow realistic Electronic Warfare (EW) training against Surface-to-Air-Missile (SAM) systems.

In addition to significant changes made to the profile of the nose, the tail section has been modified to incorporate side-mounted, unit-root fins forward of the tailplane; a fairing for a Radar Warning Receiver has been added to the fin; and the tailcone has been redesigned to allow a brake parachute to be fitted.


Slightly-swept wings mounted at the bottom of the fuselage. Top line of the fuselage curves up from the pointed nose to incorporate the long clear cockpit canopy then slopes down to the jet pipe, giving a humped appearance. Engine is internally housed with small circular intakes on the lower sides of the fuselage, forward and above the wing roots. Slightly-swept vertical and horizontal tail surfaces. Main external differences from the Hawk T1 include: a chiseled nose, wingtip mounted missiles, a centerline fuel tank and housing for a Radar Warning Receiver on the forward edge of the fin three quarters of the way up.



Training Aircraft

Hawk T2


A training aircraft with mission avionics that are representative of front-line aircraft.

King Air


Used as an advanced, multi-engine pilot trainer



Used for Single Engine Rotary Wing training.

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