Puma HC2

The Puma HC2 is an upgraded version of the original Puma HC1.

This upgrade brings the workhorse of the UK’s medium battlefield helicopter fleet into the modern era.

With more powerful engines, greater range and a modern digital cockpit, the Puma HC2 will be capable of operating in harsh environments, lifting troops, supplies and humanitarian aid to where it is needed. An upgraded self-defence suite and ballistic protection for crew and passengers also means that this helicopter will be well protected in hostile areas.


  • Engines: Two Turbomeca Makila 1A-1A1 free turbine engines
  • Thrust: 1800shp each
  • Max speed: 167kts
  • Length: 14.08m
  • Max altitude: 19,700ft
  • Span: 15.09m
  • Aircrew: 3


The aircraft can be prepared for transport inside an RAF C-17 in just 4 hours, flown across the globe, rebuilt and flying just as quickly at the other end – truly a mobile battlefield helicopter to support the UK Defence Mission wherever it may be required.

Twenty-four Puma HC1 Helicopters aircraft were converted into Puma HC2s in 2013.


RAF Helicopters

Puma HC2

Puma in flight

The workhorse of the UK’s medium battlefield helicopter fleet.

Merlin HC3

Merlin taking off

Armed with general purpose machine guns converted for the air role.

Griffin HAR2


The HAR2 is used for Search and Rescue.


The capable and versatile Chinook is one of the most recognisable RAF aircraft.

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